MRGeology is a Victorian based service provider to exploration companies and other exploration and mining service providers, formerly operating as MakinITEzy. The business is owned by Fiona Makin, and works predominantly on supporting exploration projects within Victoria. Fiona’s team on the ground, supporting her with her community engagement work, are Wency Luong and Peta Cook.

Information Technology

We have been developing websites since 2004, and started trading as MRGraphics in 2010. That’s 14 whole years of happy customers. We have one simple trick to making sure our customers are happy and that is and always will be ” Makin IT EZY”.

We don’t want to over complicate our work nor do we rely on fancy gimmicks. We do however have very qualified staff and that have build websites long enough that they can build them in their sleep. Need marketing? Yep, we can do it! Social media complicated? We got you covered but that’s not all we can even print out some new posters or t-shirts to match that new campaign


Designed for weddings in the Macedon Ranges, our directory is designed to showcase everything that is wonderful about the Macedon Ranges and why it is the perfect location for your perfect day. With such a large and diverse listing of suppliers and service providers, we are your go to destination to plan your wedding.

We invite you to browse our pages and discover all that is wonderful about the Macedon Ranges.

Wishing you all the best for your wedding day